Saturday, January 30, 2016

A soul without a mate

You know you're old when sleeping past 7am is nearly impossible. Brian and I have been up early this Saturday morning and he's already knee-deep in a project.

I rearranged my room a few weeks ago and it inspired me to get creative again. I've lived in my house for 2 1/2 years and have only put one thing on my walls in my bedroom. It's been past time to make it homey, but it took the reconfiguration to give me the energy I needed to do anything more than plop in my bed.

I'm working on a sign for above our bed (I'll post that later) and have been finally thinking about window treatments other than just the dirty white blinds that are currently hanging in our windows.  One of the first projects was to finally mount our tv to the wall. This became a necessity when, after moving furniture, I realized it didn't fit on the top of the dresser that I had planned to hold it. I've been talking about doing it for the last couple of weeks, so yesterday I went to Lowes to pick up the bracket. Ok, actually, I went to Lowes to look for a new mat for my front door and remembered on the way I needed the bracket--you know how that works.

The way we do things at the Royal house is we buy it and it sits there for a few weeks until someone gets the time to deal with it. Imagine my surprise when I came out of my room last night and Brian had pulled it out of the box and started assembling it.  And even more my joy when he took the tv off the chairs it had been sitting on and proceeded to attach the bracket and mount it. All before 8am (technically, it didn't get finished until 8:34 because he had to cut out a notch on the metal bracket because it covered up the spot the satellite plugs into it--yes he's amazing and can do that kind of stuff).

He's super busy right now--like working until 10pm every night busy. But he took time to do something that gives me simple joy--before the Saturday morning cooking shows I love to watch--and without me even asking. Be still my heart!

As I was tearing off my Mary Engelbreit calendar today (another thing that makes me oh, so happy) the quote caught my attention:

"A soul without a mate is like a vase without flowers."

I think we have a distorted view of what love is. I was trying to explain this to my almost-12 year old last night when we were watching Twilight (talk about a wonky view!).  This morning's act of service (my love language) was a perfect picture of that.

Thankful for a man who "gets" me--even if my vases don't have flowers in them.