Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Moms aren't Supposed to be Sick

I'm sick.  The ache all over and abs hurt from coughing kind of sick.  It hit me on Sunday night and I thought it was just allergies again, but it hasn't gone away and it's definitely more than allergies. 

I stayed home all day Monday and Tuesday--didn't leave my house for anything and barely even got out of my bed.  Today I felt a little better, but still not enough to be running around town.

But I forgot one important thing...

I'm a mom.  I'm not allowed more than 2 sick days in a row.

My hubby has been great--he's been handling getting the kids to and from school, etc. and fixing me soup--even picked me up a Sonic Sprite last night.  But it's now hitting him and he's trying to work on top of all of it. 

So today, as I'm driving around town delivering lunches my kids didn't have time to make and basketball socks they forgot and depositing checks so I could pay bills and then picking kids up from school and dropping off/picking up from the barn, getting dinner and walking into CVS in my houseshoes and nappy hair (I was sweating bullets when I tried to blow dry it earlier in the day so I had just pulled it into a ponytail and baseball cap, but those made my head hurt worse, so now it was just hanging down in it's "natural" state aka--nappy), I realized I had used my allotment of sick days for the year--or at least this month. 

And THEN, the child who shall not be named, decided to try to push an old argument today of all days and when I asked her if she REALLY wanted to go there today, she had the audacity to tell me that I had not said anything positive and had only been negative in the car (yes, the very same car that picked her up and took her to get dinner and let her sit in it while I walked into CVS in my current state).  SERIOUSLY??? 

So, big surprise, I lost it.

And after I went to my room and folded a load of laundry and got my anger out on those stupid socks and underwear (because we rebel moms STILL fold clothes when we're sick), I started thinking...

I'll bet other moms have experienced this.  There are probably some really great stories out there.

What's the best (insert sarcasm here) thing your family has asked you to do or you have just done on your own when you were sick? 

I might even share some of my NyQuil with the one who has the most outrageous story...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Word for 2017

In typical Angel-fashion, I have not been able to find just one word for 2017...yet.  I'm still praying, but in the meantime, here is what I have:

less worry, more joy
less old, more new
less fear, more brave
less stress, more freedom
less mean, more kind
less busy, more margin
less yelling, more laughing
less panic, more rhythm
less doubt, more belief
less anger, more delight
less dread, more dream
less frown, more smile
less big, more small
less fighting, more healing
less judgement, more understanding
less wondering, more doing
less merry-go-round, more swings

What would you add?