Thursday, October 26, 2017

Being Invited

Today, I received 2 different texts, inviting me to things.

Now, you may receive 2 invitations on the same day all the time, but, honestly, I don't get many invitations.  One was to play hooky and watch a movie and the other was to attend a fundraising gala.  Both were from dear friends that I don't get to see enough.

But what they were for and who they were from are really not the point in this post.

Being invited is.

I was taught years ago to "never do ministry alone."  What that means is to always bring someone with you--whether you are doing something big (like creating a non-profit AND when you're doing the mundane--like grocery shopping).  For those of you who are introverts, this probably just sent cold chills up your spine--I get it--the older I get, the more I need my space away from people.  Sometimes, I even make #mynameiswillow leave my room.

I used to be a great inviter.  I embraced what I was taught and just did life alongside people--a LOT.  The last year, I haven't been such a great inviter.  First of all, I live kinda far from most people.  Secondly, I haven't had the finances to do much and who wants to come hang out at my dirty house where someone always seems to be yelling and the dog hair never goes away?  Thirdly, I've been in a bit of a funk and really haven't wanted to spread that to anyone else.  I could go on and give you many other excuses, but you get the idea...

And here's the kicker, I couldn't do one of the things I was texted about, and I don't think the other will work out either.  So, both of those people might feel like they wasted an invite on me. (Be honest, haven't you ever felt that way when someone turned you down?  I know I have!)

But those invites were NOT wasted.  They came at a time when I needed to be invited to something outside of myself.

And it just makes me many times do we think of inviting someone to something and we don't because we know them saying "YES!" is a long shot?  How many times do we get frustrated when we are turned down, once again by that friend who says they never get invited?  How many times to we attend an event and afterwards think, "??????  would have loved this?"  And how many times do we just want to feel like our presence is wanted somewhere--even if we can't go?

So, what are you doing today or this weekend or next month?  What is on your agenda that you can invite someone to do with you?  Who's name/face is God bringing to your mind right now?

You don't know how powerful that seemingly small invitation is.  And honestly?  You may never know.

But do it anyway.

Invite someone today.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Conversations with a Teenager...Part 1

I've decided to start a new series since I can only do so many #askingforafriend posts.  I thought I had "interesting" conversations with my girls when they were little, but I've had some doozies lately.  I'll have to edit out some since many of our conversations are not appropriate outside our home, but we'll see how many come along.

Here's part 1:

Me: Did you see the comments on the pic I posted of you on facebook?
Unnamed Teen (UT): Yes.
Me: You should say "Thank you" to those who commented.
UT: No.  I don't want anyone to know I'm on facebook.
Me: are fb friends with them and I tagged you in the photos so they already know.
UT: Yeah, but I don't comment.  I just look at what you post.
Me: But people still know you are on there
UT: Yeah, but they forget.
Me: (Rolling my eyes) Oh, okay...THAT makes sense