Monday, April 7, 2014

It's Just their Nature

Take a look at this sweet video:

Brian decided the ducklings needed to learn to swim this morning and then this evening, the girls were sad they missed out, so they had a 2nd swim.  I smile every time I watch these videos! 

As I was watching them take their first dip in their pond (i.e. my bathtub) this morning, I noticed a couple of things:
  • They didn't have to be taught to do what comes natural to them.  Even Itty-Bitty (as I call the smallest black one) paddled and floated right alongside the bigger ones. 
  • Once they realized they could do it, they were diving and swimming all over the tub!  They were so excited! It was as if they thought, "THIS is what I was made to do!"
  • They "get" community.  When we took the little one out to dry it off, the others started peeping loudly at us.  In fact, they all peeped until the 4 of them were back together again under their heat lamp.  They knew when one was missing. And when they all got back together again, all was right in their little world.

I know I sound like a crazy lady!  I can't seem to stop posting about these precious creatures!  I wish I could tell you that my posts were done, but the baby swallows should be hatching soon and Spot, Caroline's turtle, just came out of hibernation, so there will probably be more in the coming weeks.

The thing I keep thinking over and over is how fearfully and wonderfully they are made.  Even things like oil gland and sinuses on these ducklings just amaze me. If God loves these animals that much, how much more does He love you and me??? 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

This Life

Spring is my favorite season.  Even with the rain and tornadoes, I still love it.  I love the green-ness of everything.  I love that I can hear the birds on my porch again.  I love that I get to smell one of my favorite smells--grass that's just been mowed!  I literally get a tad bit giddy when I think of all that spring brings. 

Spring has brought a season of busy-ness to the Royal house.  On top of the 10 chickens we already had (which I have failed to blog about), we added 4 new ducklings.  I know the quality of the pic isn't the greatest, but you can see the first 2 we got sitting on my lap--which I absolutely love to do each night (and have not been pooped on YET--I'm sure it's coming). 

As much as I love our chickens, too, they are in the doghouse right now with me.  A few nights ago, when the tornado was coming our way, I couldn't get them in their house.  Finally, after chasing them in the rain and hail, I had to leave 2 to fend for themselves.  I could just see the headlines, "Crazy lady dies in tornado trying to save her chickens."  Even I draw the line somewhere.

Here are a few snapshots of our life the past month:

Caroline got to celebrate a dear friend's birthday AND ride a horse!
Brian brought 2 more ducks home a week after I talked him into the first 2.  It's amazing to see how big they get in a week!  I was also surprised that they don't quack at first--they "peep."
We actually got to enjoy soccer practice because the weather cooperated. 
I made some fun baskets for the weekly popcorn party Caroline's school does for the kids.  After helping to pop and bag the popcorn every Friday, I leave smelling like a movie theater, but I LOVE that our school does stuff like this for the kids!  It's such a moral-booster!
Brian  planted a few peach trees and a birch tree--AND surprised me with my favorite flower for our front porch.  I heart hydrangeas!
It's been a full month!  For someone who typically looks back and wishes I would have done things differently, I have NO regrets about our move.  I have been surprised at what an animal lover I have become and can't wait to walk outside every morning to see them all (except the ducklings who are still in our laundry room).  I know this world is not my home, but I am so thankful for the temporary digs I've been given and the people and creatures I get to share it with!