Thursday, October 28, 2010

Forty One Reasons We Love Dad (by Hope and Caroline)

1. He thinks a Nerf gun is a great birthday present
2. He jumps on the trampoline with us
3. He is cute
4. He shows us grace
5. He is funny
6. He is a good cook
7. He is a good pumpkin carver
8. He loves our dogs
9. He's just plain fun
10. He is a good man
11. He tickles us
12. He is unique
13. He is a nut
14. He is strong
15. He works on our house
16. He is smart
17. He is kind
18. He buys us candy
19. He's creative
20. He is the best dad
21. He works hard
22. He takes care of us
23. He tells good stories
24. He loves us
25. He's good at fixing things
26. He is a good cleaner
27. He lets us hunt with him
28. He lets us climb on him
29. He lets us watch our tv shows
30. He has joy in him
31. He provides well for us
32. He's a good colorer
33. He a good teacher
34. He is good at building a fire
35. He mows the lawn
36. He cleans up the dog poop
37. He takes the garbage out
38. He washes dishes
39. He's a good hugger
40. He is a good friend
41. He is sweet

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rejoicing with friends

Last night, Lillian Averie Moore was born. I know that babies are born every second, but this baby has a special journey. Her parents started trying to have her back before Caroline was born. They are the type of people you just know will be incredible parents. Needless to say, it saddened me when I told Beth I was pregnant, knowing she had been trying so hard and wanted it so much more at that time. Beth handled the news with such grace--she rejoiced with me. She sewed my bumper pad. She helped to throw me a shower and prayed over Caroline in my womb. She brought pretty flowers to the hospital. She made me some yummy manicotti. All this while many of her friends were having babies and she was not.

After a 7 year journey to meet sweet Lillian, I get the opportunity to rejoice with my friend today. Lillian will forever be a reminder to me of what it means to put aside my wants and just be happy for those around me. To trust that God really meant Jeremiah 29:11--He didn't just put it there to placate those who don't get their way. To see that comparison steals joy. What a legacy this little girl has already left in less than 24 hours of breathing the air of this earth!

So today, I am choosing to stop and take time to rejoice with my friends and celebrate the life of Lillian Averie Moore. So, look out-if her life is half as impactful as her birth has been on those around her, she will change this world!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making Gravy

I have been fortunate to be surrounded all my life by men who can cook. Growing up, my dad did a great job, my brother was a chef for a few years and my hubby is the best cook I know. I'm adequate. I can make spaghetti, tacos, anything on the grill, and all the other basic staples, but I am by no means a chef.

Earlier this week, I made a roast (well, the crock pot actually cooked it for me). While I know some people frown upon it, I LOVE gravy on my roast. Brian usually whips it up for me. Well, the night we had roast, Brian was working late.

I think I tried to make gravy once as a teenager, but my dad or brother rescued my lumpy mess and I never tried again. Brian makes yummy gravy, so why should I even bother? Typically, if Brian doesn't make it, I just don't have it. After all, I'm not good at it, so why even try?

Well, I decided to try it this time. I was pleasantly surprised when it was good--and it didn't have any lumps in it. It was the right consistency--not too runny, not too thick. I was amazed--I actually did it!

That got me to many times do I miss out on something I love because I don't think I am good enough to do it? How many times do I just allow others to do something for me because they are better at it than I would be?

I'm actually looking forward to making gravy the next time. I've been thinking about how to season it up and make it better. Kinda funny, coming from someone who doesn't make gravy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Funny-isms from the State Fair

There are often things the girls say and do that I just have to capture on paper. Not only are they funny, I'm hoping for some good blackmail material later in life.

Here are a few from the State Fair yesterday:

Hope's definition of a Dooley: skinny body with a fat booty

"This is a great car--look at the cool cupholders in the back seat!" (can't remember which one said it, but they were both oohing and aahing over them)

"Why do they call it Crazy Mouse?" There's no mouse, just a bucket. It should be called "Crazy Bucket."...Hope (she had a point--I didn't see any mice and have never thought to question the name)

Caroline's shirt at the end of the day:
3 root beer stains
nacho cheese on the back
grease from leaning against something
butter drips from corn on the cob
powdered sugar from funnel cake

Other fun memories:
Riding the Love Bug with Hope and laughing so hard that my face was wet with tears.
Watching Brian do a little dance in the fun house
Meeting up with friends
Sharing a funnel cake
Hope's tummy before the rides
Watching Hope and Caroline on the other Love Bug ride
Hope stepping up to kick the ball and everyone gasping at the oomph she put into it
The Bird show--even though it's the same one every year, it's still good
Hope squirting herself in the head with hand sanitizer
Spending 10 mins filling out the waivers so the girls could climb the rock wall for 10 seconds
Walking past the entire parade so that we could get to the front of it and see the entire thing
Looking for the man selling umbrellas
Listening to the girls in the backseat reminisce about how much fun they had last year

Saturday, October 2, 2010

You don't have to understand, you just have to believe

I'm a multi-tasker. It's very difficult for me to just sit and watch a movie with my family--typically, I have a book or my phone in hand and don't just sit. But I've been trying to do that more often.

I think kids movies have some of the best truths in them. Typically, I get some truth out of every one I watch. My favorite was "Tinkerbell," so any time a new one comes out, I'm almost as excited to watch it as Caroline.

The other night, we watched "Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue" and one line stood out to me: "You don't have to understand, you just have to believe." I wish, as adults, it was as easy to believe as it is for kids.

I pray that believing always comes easy to my girls.