Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm NOT Pregnant

Sooo…I think I did something I’m gonna be regretting for a while. I took a semi-dare. I say “semi” because a friend told me she thought I would think it was funny and might be willing to do it. So she didn’t out-and-out double dog dare me (like I did my friend April when she said she was gonna cut her hair short). But, she planted the idea in my head. And I followed through with it.

I’m not sure what came over me. I’m not a daredevil and have never been. I’m the one who plays it safe.

But, as I get older, I like to stir things up a bit. And put myself out there.

But, I think I went too far this time.

I posted the following on facebook: “We’re expecting!!! I know, I know—pretty crazy isn’t it? I really don’t want to believe it myself. I wasn’t going to put it on here, because it will be obvious soon enough, but I thought I needed to make it official. So, now you know. It’s official.”

And then, in the comments, I wrote: “We are EXPECTING another HOT DAY tomorrow!! Wait!! What did you think I meant?”

Needless to say, many people didn't read my 1st comment. So, now lots of people think I’m pregnant. And that means they will be looking at my tummy. Which isn’t small. And might even grow. But not because of a baby.

Hopefully, the humor of the post will come through and EVERYONE will realize that I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!

And I’ll think twice before I take a dare again. Maybe.

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Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

You totally got Matt - last night he says to me, "Did you see Angel's post?? She's having a baby....crazy right????"