Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do Something Amazing

Beginnings are fun.  We all look forward to the beginning of a marriage.  The beginning of a new baby in the house.  The beginning of school.  The beginning of a new year.

New things are exciting, but if you’re like me, the newness wears off after a while.  With children, we don’t give up on them, but the joy of the newness starts to get drowned out by the lack of sleep and the many other demands on our time.  We stop dreaming and start living in the “good enough.” 
How do we get over that hump?  Many marriages fail because we aren’t willing to continue dreaming.  How many times do you remember starting a semester determined to study hard and get great grades, only to find yourself doing enough to get by?  Have there been times when you’ve given in to your kiddo because you just want to survive the night?

I could give you a bunch of “holier than thou” ideas here on how to not let these things become ordinary—how to stay amazing.  But, I don’t think we need one more person making us feel guilty because we don’t measure up.

So, I’m asking you.  And I don’t want the “church” answer.  We all know we need to trust God—that’s a given.  But I think He gives us opportunities to do amazing things. So, here goes…

·         What do you find hardest to continue to do after the newness wears off?  How do you push through when it gets monotonous? 

·         What amazing thing do you think God is calling you to do today?  This week?  This year?  In your lifetime?

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