Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Dare Ya!

We went to dinner tonight for an early birthday celebration for Caroline. As is usually the case, one of the girls had to use the restroom halfway through. It's times like these I'm thankful they are both girls so that we can send them together and Brian and I can have a couple minute conversation while they are gone--we can cram a lot in those few minutes.

When they came back, they were giggling. As they were in the stall, Caroline dared Hope to fart--which Hope did...rather loudly. I'm not sure whether to be more embarrassed that these are the things my sweet almost 9 year old dares her sister to do, the fact that my beautiful 11 year old could do it on cue, or the fact that there were 2 little girls in the stall next to them who had wide eyes when my girls came out.

Lesson: Never play truth or dare with the Royal girls unless you have a nose plug.

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René said...

Just keep telling yourself that they are bonding... ;)