Monday, December 2, 2013

Elfin' the Night Away

I caved.  I was getting important things at Target like chips and dip and cereal and then I made the mistake of going by the Christmas aisle.  And there she was--sitting at the end of the shelf and calling my name like the stupid Pier 1 commercials.

I picked her up and put her down probably 5 times.  We did really great with Hunter, our Dude on the Shelf, last year  We didn't really need an elf--especially not a girl. 

But I did it anyway.

So now, I have this elf, who has not made her appearance to my girls yet and it's already Dec. 2nd.  And I see all the cute facebook posts y'all do with your elf zip lining and getting into all kinds of mischief and then I hear the others who say the elf is only there to report back to Santa and shouldn't be doing naughty things.

What's a mama to do?   My girls don't believe in Santa anymore (*sniff sniff*) so I can't hold the whole "be good or Santa won't come" thing over their head. I think I can be creative, but now that I have this elf, I'm not sure what to do with her?  Should she just spy on my kids or do naughty things?  And if she does naughty things, what's the justification for them?  Did she escape from Santa?  Were her parents too strict and now she's rebelling?  Is she trying to impress a boy elf or giving in to peer pressure from the popular mean girl elves? 

Right now, she's under my bed and I'm having visions of her coming alive at night and strangling me.

Please help a mama out and tell me what to do here, people!

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