Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mix Tapes and a Giveaway

I'm gonna date myself with this post (I know, I know--you thought I was a young, hip person, right? If you were somehow fooled, you are no longer since I used the word "hip."). 

Raise your hand if you ever made a mix tape.  Raise both hands if you made it for a boyfriend/girlfriend and there was a Whitney Houston song on there.  Wave them back and forth if you made one for a friend who was moving and "Friends are Friends Forever was on it.  Don't lie! I KNOW at least one of these applies to you!

Well, I made a few mix tapes in my day.  Actually, I remember putting a blank tape in my boom box and recording radio shows.  And my dad.  And my sister and brother fighting (this is also what I used my first camera for--can you tell I was the oldest child?). 

And even better than making mix tapes, was receiving mix tapes.  They were the best! Even in college, I received one that I played over and over and over again (Have I apologized to you for that Tonya?).  And cried.  Because, seriously, what's the point of a mix tape if it doesn't make you cry? 

I told you a few weeks ago that my car died.  This Friday, the "swagwagon" as it was dubbed by Hope's friends, gets donated to Cars for Kids because it is D-E-A-D.  There is no reviving it without a new engine.

With me making a job change and not having a guaranteed income, we decided it would be wisest to NOT incur a monthly car payment right now and instead bought a car for cash. 

And it's older than my kids.  And has probably as many miles on it as I do on me.  But, can I tell you a secret?  I really like it.  It's not the prettiest and the steering wheel burns my hands when I first get in.  But it turns awesome and I have yet to do a bad parking job in it! And the air conditioner--oh my goodness!  It blows ice cold air without me having to hit the dash (I live in Texas--these things matter in August and 9 other months of the year)!

But you know what one of my favorite parts of it is (other than the fact that I don't have to pay for it for the next 5 years)?  It has a cassette deck in it.  It has a cd player, too, but I LOVE the fact that I can play a mix tape again.  If I still had one.  Sadly, I threw away all my cassettes when we moved a few years ago.  Can you believe it?  I'm such a hoarder, but I didn't keep any mix tapes. 

So here's what I'm gonna do.  A lot of you view my blog, but never or seldom comment.  If you will comment and tell me what cassette you wore out listening to, I will enter your name into a drawing for a Cassette Tape phone case.  (Have you seen these--they are soooo stinkin fun!).  If you will post a pic of a mix tape of your own, I'll enter you twice!

And by the way--where can I buy tapes nowadays?  I'm thinking I need a new collection to embarrass my children when their friends are in "The Beast" as Brian has named my new-to-me-but-really-old car.  I might even buy one of those visor holders so I can display them.

Even more than giving away a fun phone case, I just want to hear about your cassettes and remind myself I'm not the only old one around here.  So start commenting!


Anna said...

Soo, I dont have an iPhone, so I don't need the case... But my favorite tape wasn't a mix. It was a copy of a cd by Reel Big Fish. A random ska band. I could finally rock out in my 1972 vw super beetle.

Karla Spencer said...

I had so many mixed tapes. Tons and tons. Songs taped off the radio, some with DJs talking. But my fondest memories are when my mom and I would sit at the kitchen table (once with a kerosene lantern because the electric was out due to an ice storm) and play a tape over and over while writing down the words. Before you could look the lyrics up, you had to actually figure them out yourself! I remember "house of pain" by Faster Pussycat and "every rose has a thorn" by Poison. Sitting in the candlelight pushing rewind over and over to get that one line.... Memories!

Angel said...

They make the cases for other phones too!!! Your vw was born the same year I was!!

Angel said...

I TOTALLY remember doing that, too! I'd always rewind or fast forward too far! Love your special memory with your mama!

MsGin said...

My favorite was all of my kiddos Veggie Tales tapes. Was so sad when I have to give up my cassettes!!