Friday, November 20, 2009

Rowing in the same direction

Patrick Lencioni has a saying that paraphrased says, "If you could get a group of people all rowing in the same direction, you could accomplish huge things." Just getting a team or family to row in the same direction is not enough.

In our family, I have no doubt we are headed in the same direction. While Hope's goal is to have a ranch and that might not be the end that we come to, we do still all want the same basic things.

The main rowing is going to depend on Brian and I--and we can choose to put all of our effort into rowing and miss the trip down the lake, or we can choose to follow HIS current and let Him lead us where we need to go. There will be times He asks us to row against what seems to be the right course.

Also, as parents, we have a choice. We can row for our kids or allow them to be a part of the experience with us and pick up a paddle themselves. If they decide to row with us (which is what I hope happens) then Brian and I have to make a conscious choice to change the way we row. If we continue to do big stokes, their little arms will not be able to keep up. If we put them on one side of the boat and us on the other, we may end up spinning in circles. Both have huge consequences.

If we do not allow them to row, we rob them of the satisfaction of knowing they had a part in the journey. Also, it doesn't ensure that we get to our destination quicker--if they are not engaged, chances are they will find things to do that distract us (and them) and create chaos in our boat.

So, God, please guide our little boat. Give us oars of discernment and love as we move along in Your currents, guided by Your landmarks and blow gently in the direction we need to go. Remind us of the beauty along the way and keep us excited about the destination.

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