Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Caroline earns her movie!

A few weeks ago, Brian started a new allowance program. Hope, who typically really likes money, has been unmotivated to earn hers. Caroline, on the other hand, has even earned extra. All because of the latest TinkerBell movie. She saved for 3 weeks and between allowance and Tooth Fairy money, she purchased her movie on Friday night.

I'm sure the cashier at Walmart was a bit tired of her counting out almost $14 worth of quarters, but he was patient. So cute! She was so stinkin proud of her movie and excited to have her OWN receipt.

It's so funny to watch how Caroline spends her money. She makes her decision very quickly and never looks back--like the time she chose a Chicken Webkinz, bought him a tuxedo and named him "Docter." I am amazed at how goal-oriented she is. She filled up more sticker mats in her preschool class than any other child her teacher had ever seen.

At my baby shower for her, someone prayed for her to be a "light" and that is exactly what she is. She has such passion and loves those around her with her whole heart. She is confident in who she is and always wants to help make things easier for those she loves.

What a child! I absolutely adore this little girl and love watching her grow!

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