Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thanks, Joe!

So, I went to Walmart tonight, looking for a yellow shirt, a backpack and a hat. Random, I know. Anyway, I went through the self-check out (only got the hat--which ended up not fitting Brian--and a book for myself) and pushed the button for $20 cash back. I grabbed my receipt and bag, said goodnight to Joe, the cashier at the stand and left. As I was in Target (decided I didn't need the yellow shirt, but was still looking for a backpack, I realized I never grabbed my cash. So, I left Target and drove back over to Walmart, not sure if it was still there, but it was worth a try. I grabbed my receipt and walked in the door and Joe immediately recognized me and went to his till and pulled out a $20 bill. Thanks for looking out for a stranger, Joe!


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Nice to know there's still some good, honest folks around! I did that same thing 2days ago but with a gift card.