Friday, April 30, 2010

Sonic Ice

Sonic ice makes everything taste better.

I made a pitcher of pink lemonade. When I say "made" I mean that I took a can of frozen concentrate and mixed it with water. (I buy the Target brand because it's 84 cents and the Minute Maid is over a dollar.) Sometimes, I get an extremely sour one and it tastes bitter.

This is one of those bitter ones. I drank it last night with the regular ice that the freezer makes and the only reason I kept drinking it was because I was tired of water. (I'll save the story of why I no longer drink caffeine for another day)

So, today, I used some of the Sonic ice from the freezer. I don't often buy ice from Sonic anymore--it's a luxury because of how expensive it is now (yes, I consider more than 3 dollars for a bag of ice a luxury). But, a few weeks ago, our ice maker couldn't keep up with the amount we were using and I forgot to pick up a bag from the store, so I was lazy and parked at Sonic where they brought it out to me.

Anyway, I filled my cup with Sonic ice and added the pink lemonade. While I still taste a tinge of the bitterness, it's nowhere near as bad as it was last night or even an hour ago with regular ice.

It's funny how seemingly simple things can soften our bitterness.


Chasity said...

I love Sonic ice ... I had no idea that it was over $3 a bag now. WOW.

Can't wait to hear the caffiene story.

Tonya said...

LOVE Sonic ice but had no idea it had gotten so pricey!! My hubby laughs at me b/c a "treat" for me at Sonic is a 34 cent large water w/lime and LOTS of ice!! I'm a simple girl, what can I say. :)