Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The last day for the swingset

When Hope was 1, we purchased a swingset. It wasn't the wooden fort one I wanted, but it was a great metal one that was almost $600 cheaper. It had all the things a kid would want--swings, basket glider, airplane glider, slide and teeter-totter.

Over the years, we've removed the baby swings to put in the regular ones, taken down the slide because one of our dogs liked to pee on it and cringed when the girls decided to use the top bar to shimmy across. It has been a part of our backyard for almost 8 years now.

Tonight, it's being dismantled. When we originally bought it, it was something we just settled for at the time--it wasn't our first choice, but we "made do" with it. As I look at it now, I realize just how adequate it has been for our needs. No, it didn't have a fort on it, but my girls used their imagination to build a house in the corner of the yard. It didn't have monkey bars, but that didn't stop them from going across the entire thing and back. It wasn't made of wood, but can you imagine how rank it would have smelled with dog pee?

How many other things in my life do I think I am settling for and never realize how perfect they were for me?

Good-bye, fun metal swingset--we truly will miss you and can only hope another family enjoys you as much as we have. Your old home has now become the "soccer green."

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