Saturday, September 25, 2010


In this day, when most families take 1-2 trips a year, we are the minority. Honestly, I get so stressed at the amount of money it takes to do anything, that I chicken out and don't do anything. I almost hyper-ventilated when I was booking the hotel and the buying the SDC tickets online. I am so glad we bit the bullet and did it--we had a great time.

Here are some of my memories from the trip:

Driving late at night after the FADC performance
Belgium waffles with my sis and nephew early in the morning
Telling my dad we were 2 hours away when we were only 20 minutes from the reunion
Grandma's surprise party at the reunion
Hope and Caroline fitting right in with relatives they had never met
Fighting over who would sleep on the waterbeds at Uncle Allen and Aunt Vicky's
Seeing cousins I haven't seen in over 10 years
Getting to visit Bob and Marilyn's elk farm
Watching the girls with elk surrounding them while Bob fed Dorothy and the other elk
Rocks loaded in the back of our car from sweet Marilyn
Fish fry at Allen's
East Sedalia Bapt Church with Caroline crinkling paper during the sermon
Going to Ryan's Steakhouse in Sedalia--as always
Lots of cake
Josh's lost wallet
The Hotel Grand Victorian with the huge teddy bears and staff in period clothing
Silver Dollar City at night
The red-headed boy who kept squirting us on the RiverBlast
Fire in the Hole with Caroline's light-up shoes
Hope riding Thunderation for the first time
Entertainers at breakfast
Marvel Cave
Fresh squeezed lemonade
105 degrees!
Water sprinklers everywhere
Sandwiches in the car (THANK YOU CINDY!!!!)
The dog show
All the incredibly nice people at SDC
Water-proof bags
Watching the glass-blowers
The train robbery
Walking sideways in Grandfather's Mansion
Shooting things in the Flooded Mine
The sweet man at the balloon dart booth
Searching forever for souvenirs and the girls finally choosing ROCKS
Denny's for dinner
Twins born the day after we left
6 more hours in the car
Seeing family at the farm and realizing we missed Diane and the girls at SDC
Grocery shopping at The Country Boy
Coming home and picking up our spolied dogs who stayed with a friend while we were gone (thanks Denise!)

Great family memories. Initially, I wanted to go to Silver Dollar City with just my 3 peeps, but am so glad that my sis, nephew and cousins came with us. I'm looking forward to the next trip

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