Monday, December 6, 2010

House shoe drama

I think I'm going to change our last name to "Drama." Seriously, we have drama over the craziest things at my house. Tonight, it was house shoes--yep, you read that right--HOUSE SHOES.

One of my daughters had 3 pair of house shoes. When I was helping to clean out her closet yesterday (or should I say shovel it out), she told me that 2 of the pair were too small. One went to the goodwill pile since they would probably only fit a 3 year old--not sure how they stayed in her closet so long (then again, I did say I had to shovel it out when cleaning). The other pair went to my younger daughter's room.

Well, tonight, the little one came out wearing them and the older one was almost beside herself thinking she had "stolen" them from her closet (can you imagine what my house will be like when my girls are teenagers and actually DO steal clothes from each other--do massage therapists let you put their services on layaway? Anyone know how I can get stock in Advil?). She didn't remember telling me they were too small, she was just determined they still fit her. Well, after many tears, she tried them on and they did fit--as long as she curled her toes up inside.

By her reaction, you would think that these were designer house shoes, but they are ragged, and dirty, and were hand-me-downs from somewhere, so they don't even have sentimental value. She has another pair in her closet that have never been worn, were given to her by her Mimi and are way trendier than the scruffy orange plaid ones.

While I sat back, incredulous, at the amount of passion these shoes brought forth from my 8 year old, I think God whispered to me. I say, "think" because I really was trying not to listen. It was so much easier to look at my child and see how wrong her thinking was instead of listening. Focus out instead of in.

Wanna know what He said? Tune in tomorrow and I'll tell you. Just kidding--I wouldn't leave you hanging like that. What I "think" He said to me was, "How many times do I give you something great, something that is so perfect for you, but you don't even acknowledge it because you are so caught up in wanting what someone else has?"

Hmmm...I think I'd rather make fun of the drama going on in front of me than listen. What's ironic, is that when I look at the two pair of houseshoes left, the scruffy ones are truly not something my oldest would ever wear, but they would fit my youngest's personality to a tee.

So, I guess I learned something from house shoes tonight. Am I truly looking for God's best for me or am I settling for what is familiar? Am I listening to His voice or too busy looking around me at what others' are doing?

Oh, and I learned that Santa might need to rethink his gifts to the Royal girls this year and add some new house shoes to his bag.

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Cara said...

What a great post! I could just picture it... enjoyed lunch with you today. Can't wait to read more-- Care