Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The world in my backyard

I am easily moved when I see a child in Rwanda who has lost her parents or a boy in Africa who has no shoes. I even get moved when I see kids enter my daughters' school with blankets wrapped around them because they don't have coats. One of my strengths is empathy and I cry at the drop of a hat.

So, imagine my surprise when I realized that one of my daughter's friends totally annoys me. She is truly a sweet girl and has a ton of self-confidence. She also reeks of cigarette smoke and is a bit rough around the edges. She is not timid, but is very vocal about all that she sees (and she sees a lot). She's smart and she is totally a leader. In fact, she is a lot like Hope would be if she lived in a house where we didn't know Jesus.

Why is it so much easier to care and pray for kids who live far, far away than for the little girl who lives around the corner?

Father, don't let me close my eyes to the people you have put before me. Keep me mindful that you love them as much as you love my girls.

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