Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Buy a Christmas Tree

• Take a Brian Royal with you. He’s the one who pulls out all the trees, cuts the twine, shakes them out and holds them up for everybody to critique.

• Always choose the one in the very back—you know the one you have to move 7 others to get to—it’s always the best

• Take your kids with you—if you can brainwash them into thinking the kind of tree you like is the best, it helps when your hubby disagrees

• Make your hubby use his birthday Home Depot gift cards so that a) you don’t have to spend any money and b) you don’t feel guilty for spending any money

• Again, take a Brian Royal with you. He’s really handy when it comes to putting the tree on top of the car and tying it down (he even brings his own tie-down things that cinch). He’s also great at standing with the employee, wrapping up the tree after you’ve decided on it, while the rest of the family goes to sit in the nice, warm car (not to mention how great it is to have a husband who does his own trunk-cutting when you get home so that it fits perfectly).

I’m thinking I really owe my hubby right about now…

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Barb said...

I think we are going to buy our first "real" tree next year. Our pre-lit tree was only about a third pre lit this year. May we borrow Brian Royal for our tree purchasing expedition? :)