Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Mis-Matched Stockings and other Royal Christmas Traditions

Traditions make me happy. I love knowing what to expect and anticipating it. Here are some Christmas traditions that I hope and pray my girls (and Brian) never get tired of at Christmas time:

Making gingerbread men cookies and spending a couple of hours “painting” them—this is Brian’s Gran’s recipe and he just shook his head when I bought orange zest the 1st time we made them—it requires zesting real oranges—not buying the pre-zested stuff

Having mis-matched stockings hanging over our fireplace—everyone has one that fits his/her personality (except Hope who chose an ugly one from the old pile this year instead of her cute one. You can't see it very well, but Brian's is camo.

All the grandkids on my side of the family having coordinating clothes for Christmas Eve. This is something my stepmom has done for them for Christmas and Easter their entire lives.

…Watching the light show at our local fire station (this year they even have Party Rock Anthem playing with flashing Christmas lights)—tried to take a video of this last year, but it was bad, so you’ll have to just trust me.

My brown-haired angel on top of my tree (not sure why this one is on the list, but it REALLY makes me happy)

Giving the girls matching Christmas jammies to wear on Christmas eve (part of this is because I have a few pics of me in some embarrassing things on Christmas morning)—I told Hope today that I was still gonna buy them matching jammies when they were in their 30’s—amazingly, she didn’t seem to mind.

Taking the yearly “pretend you really love your sister” picture of my girls in their matching jammies. This is always one of my favorites—you can’t tell they were just yelling at each other before it was taken--they really do look like they love each other.

Wearing my sparkly red shirt on Christmas morning. I bought this for a party in my pre-kids life and the girls were always begging me to wear it, so a friend of mine suggested I do it on Christmas morning and I have for the past several years. It's itchy and leaves glitter everywhere, but the girls love it.

And my favorite of all--waking up in our own house every Christmas morning. This is something Brian and I agreed upon even before we had kids and it makes me happy (we also agreed to only go to one house per day on the holidays—no running around from one family to the other).

What things do you hope you will always do at your house?

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