Monday, February 13, 2012

The Impact of Lovepacs on the Royal Family

I wrote a post a few months ago about Lovepacs when it was in the beginning stages of becoming a reality to provide food for kiddos over the Thanksgiving holiday. Since that time, Lovepacs doubled in size for Christmas and also took care of kids for the extended weekend around Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.

I, personally, have been blown away by the response of our community and God has used this to grow my faith in a big way. But, God, being God, doesn’t let me just sit and pat myself on the back. Every time I think I’m good on the faith-thing, He stretches me again. For spring break, our numbers have doubled once again—now there are over 200 kiddos the school counselors are requesting Lovepacs for. Over 200—in one tiny city alone!

Last night, we were watching a recorded episode of Extreme Home Makeover about a lady who started an organization that provided soup for hundreds of people. As they were describing what she does, one of my daughters said, “Hey—that’s just like Lovepacs!” While Lovepacs doesn’t make the food for the kiddos (which, knowing my cooking skills, I’m sure is a huge blessing to them), my daughter recognized the impact of what that one lady was doing and applied it to something that provided in the same kind of way in her world. I couldn’t have taught her this lesson if I had tried, but she got it—just by observing a community in action!

When we started Lovepacs, my main focus was on the kids in need, but what I have found is that it’s affecting the way my daughters look at their classmates. It’s made me see the best in people who aren’t “Christians” but respond to the need around them in their community. It’s provided a group of people that I now “do Life” with that I probably never would have gotten to know on this level. And the biggest thing it’s done for me personally is that it’s created an identity for my family—something we are “about.” Maybe even a legacy we will leave behind…

Lovepacs exists to be an expression of God’s love by serving children in need in The Colony and surrounding communities.

I truly think it does so much more and am blessed to be a part of it.

Lovepacs is currently collecting for spring break. To find out more details on how you can get involved, go to the facebook page at!/groups/192586644153403/.

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