Thursday, November 1, 2012

What I Learned from Halloween

Well, another Halloween is under our belts--it might even be the last time Hope wants to trick or treat since shes getting to that tricky age where she's struggling with whether shes too old or not.

Here's what I learned this year:
  • If your daughter is starting puberty, be prepared for tears about her costume, her friends, her hair and anything else that comes up--right before you have to walk out the door
  • Changing costume ideas 4 times in 1 week is too much (especially when that's multiplied by 2 girls)
  • When friends invite you for chili before trick or treating, go--you won't regret it
  • It's okay to zig zag back and forth across the street and not trick or treat methodically
  • Mad scientist wigs are hot
  • There is such a thing as too much candy
  • Moms don't get scared when you jump out at them from behind bushes
  • Nerds don't wear make-up (actually, this is something I tried to teach Hope but I don't think she got it)
And the burning question that runs through my mind every year is...Who first thought someone would put a razor blade in their kiddos' candy?  Did that really happen or was that a parent who just wanted to "sort" the candy and sneak their favorites out of the pile?

What did you learn this year?

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