Thursday, March 14, 2013

Humbling Opportunities

This week, I've been completely humbled. In a good way.

Our Granny had surgery almost 2 weeks ago and was finally able to leave the hospital on Saturday, but she can't go home yet. She has to stay in the Dallas area. 

Since the girls and I are on spring break this week, we made plans for me to hang out with Granny on Tuesday while Mimi took the girls to the American Girl Doll Store. Honestly, from the beginning I KNEW I got the better end of the deal. 

Until Mimi asked me to help Granny with her shower. To say I was NOT looking forward to that part of my day was an understatement. So I hoped that it would be done before I got to the house.

No such luck. At least, that's what I thought at first.

But it wasn't horrible. In fact, it reminded me of what I am called to do.

I am called to love the person that God puts in front of me. Doing tangible things for that person is icing on the cake for a "doer" like me.  By helping Granny with her basic needs, I was loving her.  And without trying to over-spiritualize a simple shower, I need to say that it was a great reminder to me of WHY we do for others. Out of love--not for recognition (seriously, who's gonna praise me for washing Granny's back and feet?).

So often, we make serving this big thing. We start off doing it for the right reasons but they quickly get diluted and west art trying to get credit for our service. In fact, I almost didn't write this post because I was questioning my motives--since nobody saw me, was I writing this to make sure someone knows?

But my reason for writing this is to remind my girls that serving isn't always glamorous but it's sooo worth it. Don't miss the opportunities that seem beneath you because those turn out to be the best ones. 

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