Thursday, June 6, 2013

Whatever You're Doing

Do you ever feel like you are at that in-between place?  That place where you know you're on the right path, but your destination is still too far away.  You can see the outline of the sign, and can kinda make out the words, but the number of miles to get there is still blurry. 

I feel that way in several different areas of my life right now.  Except that it's not really a destination sign I'm looking for--life is not about getting to one place or the other.  The journey is what's important and the learning along the way. 

It's not a place of being "stuck."  It's not a place of clear direction either.  It's  The place on the road when you've left one city but haven't gotten to the next and the only thing you see are the mile markers on the side of the road which confirm that you are moving.

What I've found is that those in-between places are when I talk the most to my God.  When I ask for direction instead of charging ahead or looking behind.  When I let go of my plans and fears and hopes.  When I move to the hum of the engine and don't try to cover it up with the radio or a bunch of other noise. 

And rest--even in the chaos.

That's where I am right now.   And this song speaks the words better than I can say:

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