Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Olympics vs. the Church

A few nights ago, I was watching the Olympics.  And even though I knew which events Team USA medaled in, I still found myself captivated. 

During one point, a snowboarder fell hard--cracking her helmet and not moving for a bit. There was a camera on the other competitors waiting at the bottom of the hill to see if she would beat their score.  While I never want to see someone hurt, I was moved by their reactions.   They immediately gasped and you could see genuine concern.  There was no "Good!  She's no longer in the running to beat me" thoughts going through their heads. 

And when she made it to the bottom of the hill, they were there to greet her and hug her and check to see if she was okay. 

And then a friend posted this story yesterday:

This is why I love the Olympics.  People from all different walks of life come together and the love of a sport binds them.  It creates a camaraderie--even in the midst of competition. 

It gives me hope.  If the love of a sport can do that, how much greater can the love of Jesus do it?

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