Friday, January 24, 2014

Smelly Things

Every so often, I pass my nightstand and get a whiff of something.  And every time, it makes me stop in my tracks. "What's that smell?   I don't remember having any potpourri over here--where is that coming from?" 

I do this EVERY single time.  It's crazy, because when I look down, I see my pretty little scented rice-bag thing (yes, I'm sure it has a nice name, but it's called the pretty rice-bag thing in my house).  I use it maybe once every 2 weeks or so, but the scent of it grabs me when I least expect it.  Don't ask me what the scent is (it's got all kinds of yummy herbs in it), but when I smell it, it makes me stop and take a breath and smile.

In the Bible, the Old Testament talks a lot about sacrifices being a pleasing aroma to God.  In the New Testament, it talks about how we, as Christians, are the aroma of Christ to those around us.  We've all opened up our fridge at some point (or our child's sports bag) and smelled the aroma of death.  And most likely, it repelled you--I know it does me.  The thought of others slamming the door or zipping the zipper back up on Christ, saddens me.  But I know it happens more than I'd like to admit. 

So, for today, I'm praying that I smell like my pretty little scented rice bag.  That when others pass me, they stop, breathe in, and smile--not because I look pretty on the outside, but because what's on the inside can't be contained.  And I'm praying that I'm not the shin guard that's been in the bottom of the soccer bag next to the dirty socks.  We've all got enough stinky stuff in our lives!

What's the worst thing you've ever smelled?  What's the best?  If you had to assign a scent to yourself, what would it be?

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