Monday, March 10, 2014

Gentle and Kind

In this day and age, gentle and kind are not words I use to describe many people.  Today, we lost--in my opinion--the gentlest and kindest of them all.  Grandmama Wade finally got to be with Jesus.  While I know she was welcomed with much rejoicing into heaven, my heart is heavy for all those she left behind.

As I was scanning facebook just a few moments ago, I was overwhelmed with the number of posts about her.  She was the most gracious woman I've ever known.

My own mom left when I was a teenager and I was blessed with some amazing women in my life.  Grandmama--who at that time was "Mrs. Wade, my pastor's wife" allowed me to sit next to her in choir and never said an unkind word about my lack of ability to carry a tune.  She had a strong alto voice--not one that she ever used to sing on her own (at least not in all the years I've known her)--but one she used to harmonize with others and make them sound better.

When my dad and her daughter got married, she continued to be as gracious as always to me. Christmas Eve and Easter were always spent at her house and she never made me feel like a "step-granddaughter."  Most of my memories of her are in the kitchen or sitting around the dining room table in her old house--not that she sat much--she was always the first one to hop up and get whatever was needed for the rest of us. 

I think the most poignant memory I will always carry with me is the love story she and Pal (her husband) displayed for all to see.  I've told some friends over the past few weeks that it reminded me of Ronald and Nancy Reagan.  Even Pal--a strong Baptist preacher--was gentle with her.  When her Alzheimer's first set in, I remember him caring for her in the same way she did for everyone else when she could.  The gentleness of it still brings me to tears and I pray that Brian and I are like that with each other in years to come. 

Needless to say, we are sad.  Even though her mind has been gone from us for a while, there was still some hope in the back of my mind that she would "wake up" and remember us again.  And while I know she is in heaven with that sweet smile on her face that I haven't seen in the past few years, I can't help but grieve the loss of such an amazing example of a lady.  A lady who loved those around her, but loved her God first.

She left a large hole on this earth, but I am thankful for the past 30+ years I got to be around her and pray that just a little bit of her legacy is passed on to my children.

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Anonymous said...

I am so saddened to hear of the passing of Mrs. Wade. I've known the Wade's my entire life and I know what a special woman she was to all of them, including myself. Thoughts and prayers are with the Wade family, as well as her church family.

Misty Burton-Buttrill
(Joan Vickers granddaughter)