Monday, March 17, 2014

The Birds are Back in Town!

We saw them flying around this weekend, but tonight, we FINALLY saw them sitting in their next!  I can't explain how happy this makes us!  Each (human) member of our family has snuck a peek at them tonight and closed the door with a smile and giddiness.  Ok, maybe Brian wasn't giddy, but he was just as happy to see them.

When we started working on our house last spring, they were flying around, singing and sitting on our roof and porch.  Before they left in the fall, 2 batches of babies had hatched out of this  nest--one of which we got to see learn to fly.  Even though they make a ton of poop on our front porch, there's just something "home-like" about having them live with us.  We missed them this winter and are choosing to believe it's the same family that's back again.  They are just as loud as my girls, so they fit right in!

Then, tonight, as we were sitting in the laundry room talking to the chickens (yes, they are STILL in my house--hopefully their coop will be ready for them this weekend), this one hopped up on Brian's lap.  See that red thing on the side of her beak?  That's new!  We noticed that her waddles are growing in!  Again, we all had to gather round to take a look and she even  posed for a picture for me.  I know they have birdbrains, but they've got some funny personalities, too.  Half of them have been named--Caroline's favorite is "Pecky" (named because she pecks everybody).  The babies are growing up!

Ok, so I just re-read this and some of you might think it's crazy, but yes, we talk to our chickens.  If you saw my facebook post, you know that I even reprimand them and call Brian their "daddy." 

We're just a little wacky  here at the Royal house, but I'm okay with that.  While it's not a farm, we may turn it into one before you know it.  Even though I'm the least "country-fied" (redneck might be a better term) in our house, I find myself constantly amazed at what an incredible Creator we have when I look at animals and see the cycle of life. 

And I'm still a bit giddy, myself about the swallows!


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