Saturday, April 5, 2014

This Life

Spring is my favorite season.  Even with the rain and tornadoes, I still love it.  I love the green-ness of everything.  I love that I can hear the birds on my porch again.  I love that I get to smell one of my favorite smells--grass that's just been mowed!  I literally get a tad bit giddy when I think of all that spring brings. 

Spring has brought a season of busy-ness to the Royal house.  On top of the 10 chickens we already had (which I have failed to blog about), we added 4 new ducklings.  I know the quality of the pic isn't the greatest, but you can see the first 2 we got sitting on my lap--which I absolutely love to do each night (and have not been pooped on YET--I'm sure it's coming). 

As much as I love our chickens, too, they are in the doghouse right now with me.  A few nights ago, when the tornado was coming our way, I couldn't get them in their house.  Finally, after chasing them in the rain and hail, I had to leave 2 to fend for themselves.  I could just see the headlines, "Crazy lady dies in tornado trying to save her chickens."  Even I draw the line somewhere.

Here are a few snapshots of our life the past month:

Caroline got to celebrate a dear friend's birthday AND ride a horse!
Brian brought 2 more ducks home a week after I talked him into the first 2.  It's amazing to see how big they get in a week!  I was also surprised that they don't quack at first--they "peep."
We actually got to enjoy soccer practice because the weather cooperated. 
I made some fun baskets for the weekly popcorn party Caroline's school does for the kids.  After helping to pop and bag the popcorn every Friday, I leave smelling like a movie theater, but I LOVE that our school does stuff like this for the kids!  It's such a moral-booster!
Brian  planted a few peach trees and a birch tree--AND surprised me with my favorite flower for our front porch.  I heart hydrangeas!
It's been a full month!  For someone who typically looks back and wishes I would have done things differently, I have NO regrets about our move.  I have been surprised at what an animal lover I have become and can't wait to walk outside every morning to see them all (except the ducklings who are still in our laundry room).  I know this world is not my home, but I am so thankful for the temporary digs I've been given and the people and creatures I get to share it with!

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