Tuesday, February 14, 2017

True Love Is...

...Standing outside in the rain at 4am with a puppy who needs to potty so your wife doesn't have to

...Taking your daughters to school at separate times so the youngest has a few more minutes to sleep in

...Buying the cheesy card because you can't keep a straight face when trying to say those things, but you really DO mean it

...Digging a splinter out of your hubby's toe with your good tweezers

...Washing the sheets an extra time this week so your hubby doesn't have to deal with the crumbs on his side of the bed from kids and puppies' feet

...Cleaning the kitchen after dinner 

...Not expecting a huge gesture on one day a year

...Helping to fold the laundry

...Filling your wife's gas tank for her

...Enlisting a friend to make bacon roses for your girls...Making sure your spouse has clean underwear in his drawer

...Doing the Walmart run with your wife the night before Valentines--even though you're tired and have to change your clothes

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