Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Beiber Village

I finally watched “Never Say Never” tonight. The girls weren’t really into him when the movie came out, so we didn’t ever go to the theatre (unlike my 13 year old niece who saw it several times there). I’ve tried to rent it a few times for family movie night and Brian has adamantly refused. Him being gone tonight gave us the perfect opportunity to have a girl’s movie night.

I don’t know a lot about Justin or his family. In fact, my knowledge is pretty limited to the few times I’ve heard him interviewed on the radio and watching his movie. I’ve heard he is a Christian. I knew he started singing in church. I saw him pray with his team before he went on-stage. My instinct says he’s a good kid and the kind of guy I would love to have serve as a volunteer alongside me.

Watching the movie, the thing that stood out the most to me was the incredible team he has around him who are all looking out for him. His family isn’t the picture perfect one, but there is no doubt that he is well loved. His managers, voice coach, even bodyguard all seem to not only want him to succeed, but want to protect him as well.

As a mom, I realize that it’s not always easy to surround your children with people who want the best for them. I can only imagine that is so much harder as the mom of a superstar and I have a huge amount of respect for Justin’s mom. I have trouble trying to decide whether to talk to my girls’ teachers and principal.

I don’t know that my girls will ever be superstars. Some days, I just hope they don’t grow up to be criminals (okay—I’m kidding…kinda). But I do know that I want them surrounded by people who believe in them, love them and want the best for them. I want people who keep them grounded (like his grandma who made him clean his room) and make them look good (like the managers who hand out tickets to unsuspecting girls). I want a Beiber village surrounding them.

Lord, make my home a greenhouse. One in which my girls grow and flourish, but not so protected that they wilt when they get outside it. Surround them with people who will stand for truth and not allow them to take shortcuts. Give them open hearts to listen to good advice and discernment to know when to ignore the bad advice. Make them leaders worth following and keep them ethically and morally pure.

And, ditto on the above prayer for Justin.

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