Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's a Balancing Act

I believe in efficiency. When I come home from the grocery store, I load up as many bags as possible in my hands so that I have to make fewer trips. So many that I usually have to go sideways through the door and tilt just right to make sure none of them snag and break open.

It started out as a challenge to myself—how many things could I hold without dropping them? Then, it just became a way of life—especially when I lived in an apartment that had a flight of steps to get to the kitchen. I’ve learned how to protect the bag with the eggs in it when it’s surrounded by 4 others and how to keep the bread from getting smooshed in the midst of the big pile of bags that gets dropped as soon as I get inside the door.

I don’t just do it with groceries. I tend to take a lot of “stuff” with me wherever I go and am usually loaded down when I arrive anywhere. People see me coming and wonder where my shopping cart is—it’s pretty bad.

And many times, I drop something. Usually, it’s my favorite cup-with-a-straw-that-doesn’t-sweat or some other item that I love and am too cheap to replace when the lid gets chipped from one of its many crashes to the concrete. As I’m balancing, I know in my head that I’m dangerously close to tipping, but the need to try to get it all done in one fatal swoop overpowers the common sense part of my brain.

I do this same thing with intangible things, too. I keep loading up things because I can. Quantity not quality, becomes my motto.

As I look at Jesus’ life, I wonder how much He juggled? There were times He spoke to thousands. There were other times when He just had the 12 around him—or even just 3. Somehow, everything in my being screams out that Jesus didn’t lump everything together—just to get it done. He treated each person as an individual, each task as the only one for that moment (imagine the craziness that surrounded the water to wine incident—can’t you just imagine Him calmly telling them what to do?).

I don’t wear a WWJD bracelet or anything, but some days I wonder how Jesus would carry His groceries in from the car if He lived today?


Barb said...

I totally know what you mean about having our kids surrounded by people who will love them, build them up, protect them, challenge them, teach them...I loved that in the film and I hope we have that to a lesser (maybe not "lesser," but "different?") degree.

Good flick, yes? :)

Barb said...

haha... I just realized I somehow posted this comment under the wrong entry. I'm assuming you knew where it went. :)

Angel said...

Ha! I did realize it went to the Beiber Village post, but I'm so technically-challenged that I don't know how to move it to there!