Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My questions for Mary

Parenting “regular” children is hard. I can’t imagine what it felt like to parent the person who was going to save the entire world. I have lots of questions I want to ask Mary--the mother of Jesus--when I get to heaven. Here are a few:

• Did you ever have to use “that tone” with Him?
• Did his brothers and sisters ever get jealous of how good he was?
• Was he “all boy” or did he prefer to do the quieter things?
• Did you sing him lullabies?
• Was he a good sleeper?
• Did he ever have colic or keep you up all night with a high fever?
• Did you have lots of requests for playdates because your friends wanted their kids to hang out with him?
• What was his relationship with Joseph like?
• Did he make you laugh?
• Did he make you cry?
• Were you ever overwhelmed that you were raising the son of God?
• Did you and Elizabeth have a joint baby shower?
• Did he eat everything you cooked without complaining?
• Did you ever feel inadequate as a mom?
• Did you realize his death was going to be so brutal?
• Did you ever punish him for something he didn’t do?
Were you ever worried you were going to "scar him for life?"
• Why were your other children not with you at the cross?
• Did you realize the magnitude of what he would do for the world as you were changing his diaper?
• How did you keep from getting angry at God when you saw the pain inflicted upon him?

What questions would you have for Mary?


April said...

How long did it take to potty train him?
I love your Easter pic! Way cool color scheme!

Barb said...

how much do you really understand about the fact that your son was perfect? How did he react when you were less than perfect?