Thursday, April 19, 2012

Totally Random

Hope and I were alone in the car last night. As we were driving home, I was struck by how random our conversation was. I’m not sure what was going through her head, but here are the questions and comments she asked me:

• Are you surprised that I drew a dragon? No, not surprised that I COULD draw one, but that I chose to?
• I really like the show “Duck Dynasty.”
• Do you like your job?
• I don’t like when babies get sick. That could turn into them dying.
• What’s the name of that show—not “Say Yes to the Dress?” Never mind—it’s “What not to Wear.”
• If you went on “What Not to Wear,” would you let them cut your hair any shorter?
• I like that girl (insert wrong name of a person she was playing with tonight)’s hair. It’s short—did she have that sickness that makes you lose all your hair?
• I’m glad we don’t have to use the Laundromat anymore.
• Slow down—you’re driving too fast

Not sure how any of these popped into her head, but we major in randomness at the Royal house.