Monday, May 14, 2012

Brian's Hospital Stay--According to Caroline

Caroline explained to her teacher today that Brian was in the hospital.

Here is what she told her:

"Daddy can't wear panties at the hospital, and the shirt that he wears is open in the back so we can see his butt crack."

Guess I should think twice about how I describe things when trying to lighten the mood and help my girls to not be scared.


Barb said...

haha! That is awesome!! So glad he's home and able to put on a pair of panties now!! :)

April said...

ha! oh my! i actually feel a little violated now :) glad he's home too!

Wendy Purdin said...

Oh Caroline, you're a hoot! So glad this hospital visit is behind y'all. No fun at all :/
Oh I need to write down the things my girls told others about my colon surgery!