Friday, February 6, 2015

How to spot a Seasoned Soccer Mom

  • You have granola bars, water bottles, Gatorade, and other assorted snacks in your car--not for your athlete, but for yourself...when you find yourself sitting in the car at soccer practice
  • You know where the closest restroom and parking lot is at every field you play on
  • You never leave home without a blanket, chair, jacket and extra water bottle
  • You've stopped "checking in" at the fields on Facebook bc it would blow up your friends' newsfeed by the number of times you are there
  • You always have a book with you but you seldom read it because you're too busy watching your athlete...or talking to other parents
  • You and your daughter have mastered the art of eating in the car
  • You know someone on almost every team you play and refer to other coaches in the same way you do your neighbors down the street
  • The "saved locations" part of your weather app is full of the cities in which your daughter plays soccer

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