Monday, October 17, 2016

My Questions for the Writers of Parenthood

I know I missed the boat on watching Parenthood when everybody else was watching it on tv.  I have lots of reasons, but the biggest is that I get so easily addicted that I have to limit the things I allow myself to watch. 

BUT, I finally DID (binge) watch it on Netflix (seriously--why has it taken me this long to realize how wonderful Netflix is??).  And even though I started out skeptical, and had some issues with a few of the storylines, I genuinely loved it--especially the last few seasons. 

But I have a few questions for the writers...

  • How did baby Aida go from being so white when she was born to having a fro in the last episode?
  • Why didn't Julia remind Joel that he had kissed another mom in the first season when he was upset with her over the Ed thing?
  • What did Zeek and Camille do with all the $$ from the sale of the house since they didn't use it to travel?  Why didn't they give some to Crosby to help him go on his own at the Luncheonette?

  • Did nobody seriously guess that Hank had Aspergers?  After all the research they had done for Max?  Seriously?
  • What ever happened to the money issues Zeek had in the beginning when he had invested in that place out in the desert?

  • If Seth had changed, why was he not there when baby Zeek was born?

  • What did Drew end up majoring in?

  • What happened to the teacher that Adam and Kristina had asked to be the headmaster?
I'm sure if I think about it, I will have more.  What about you?  What questions would you add?

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