Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rejoicing with friends

Last night, Lillian Averie Moore was born. I know that babies are born every second, but this baby has a special journey. Her parents started trying to have her back before Caroline was born. They are the type of people you just know will be incredible parents. Needless to say, it saddened me when I told Beth I was pregnant, knowing she had been trying so hard and wanted it so much more at that time. Beth handled the news with such grace--she rejoiced with me. She sewed my bumper pad. She helped to throw me a shower and prayed over Caroline in my womb. She brought pretty flowers to the hospital. She made me some yummy manicotti. All this while many of her friends were having babies and she was not.

After a 7 year journey to meet sweet Lillian, I get the opportunity to rejoice with my friend today. Lillian will forever be a reminder to me of what it means to put aside my wants and just be happy for those around me. To trust that God really meant Jeremiah 29:11--He didn't just put it there to placate those who don't get their way. To see that comparison steals joy. What a legacy this little girl has already left in less than 24 hours of breathing the air of this earth!

So today, I am choosing to stop and take time to rejoice with my friends and celebrate the life of Lillian Averie Moore. So, look out-if her life is half as impactful as her birth has been on those around her, she will change this world!