Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making Gravy

I have been fortunate to be surrounded all my life by men who can cook. Growing up, my dad did a great job, my brother was a chef for a few years and my hubby is the best cook I know. I'm adequate. I can make spaghetti, tacos, anything on the grill, and all the other basic staples, but I am by no means a chef.

Earlier this week, I made a roast (well, the crock pot actually cooked it for me). While I know some people frown upon it, I LOVE gravy on my roast. Brian usually whips it up for me. Well, the night we had roast, Brian was working late.

I think I tried to make gravy once as a teenager, but my dad or brother rescued my lumpy mess and I never tried again. Brian makes yummy gravy, so why should I even bother? Typically, if Brian doesn't make it, I just don't have it. After all, I'm not good at it, so why even try?

Well, I decided to try it this time. I was pleasantly surprised when it was good--and it didn't have any lumps in it. It was the right consistency--not too runny, not too thick. I was amazed--I actually did it!

That got me to many times do I miss out on something I love because I don't think I am good enough to do it? How many times do I just allow others to do something for me because they are better at it than I would be?

I'm actually looking forward to making gravy the next time. I've been thinking about how to season it up and make it better. Kinda funny, coming from someone who doesn't make gravy.

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