Thursday, October 28, 2010

Forty One Reasons We Love Dad (by Hope and Caroline)

1. He thinks a Nerf gun is a great birthday present
2. He jumps on the trampoline with us
3. He is cute
4. He shows us grace
5. He is funny
6. He is a good cook
7. He is a good pumpkin carver
8. He loves our dogs
9. He's just plain fun
10. He is a good man
11. He tickles us
12. He is unique
13. He is a nut
14. He is strong
15. He works on our house
16. He is smart
17. He is kind
18. He buys us candy
19. He's creative
20. He is the best dad
21. He works hard
22. He takes care of us
23. He tells good stories
24. He loves us
25. He's good at fixing things
26. He is a good cleaner
27. He lets us hunt with him
28. He lets us climb on him
29. He lets us watch our tv shows
30. He has joy in him
31. He provides well for us
32. He's a good colorer
33. He a good teacher
34. He is good at building a fire
35. He mows the lawn
36. He cleans up the dog poop
37. He takes the garbage out
38. He washes dishes
39. He's a good hugger
40. He is a good friend
41. He is sweet

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