Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good-Bye 2010

2010 was a challenging one for the Royal family. Here are some of the things I remember...

Being a one car family for 5 months
Hope's first art exhibit
Cartwheels and flips on the trampoline
Our trip to the Dallas Museum of Art
BAHA surgery and being able to hear again
My Rendevous with a sunroof
Our 10 year anniversary
Meeting Coach Stan for the first time
Summer Indoor Soccer Champions
Brian and I leading a mission trip full of 7th graders
FADC auditions
Feeding the elk
Grandma's surprise 80th birthday party
Fire in the Hole at Silver Dollar City
Caroline's Twinkle Toes
Sundaes on Sunday
Growing closer to my sweet friend Jenny
Getting Mrs. Humphreys again
Caroline quitting dance
Operation Aubrey (O-A-O-A-O-A-O-A)
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Bonfire at Humphreys farm
Speech class
New laundry room
The new doggy hotel
Hope's 1st slumber party
Decorating pinecones
Being caffeine-free the whole year
My sparkly Christmas shirt
The zipline at the farm

Lots of good memories. Lots of hard memories. While I'm not sad to move forward, I pray that I will not forget the good ones and that I will continue to learn from the hard ones.

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