Monday, January 3, 2011


Some families go to Disney World, but the happiest place on earth for our family, is Granny's farm. It's unanimously the favorite place for everyone in the Royal house. You can see Brian visibly relax when we pull into the yard. Hope perks up and becomes almost giddy when we exit the highway. Caroline just loves being with family and knowing that there are always people around who tell her how wonderful she is.

Typically, I pack several books and spend my time there reading and sleeping. While I enjoy nature, I don't need to traipse around in it to be at peace. So, I have to say that I surprised myself when I ventured over to check out the zip line Brian's cousin installed for his girls this past year. I watched Hope ride down a few times, and couldn't decide if it looked like fun. I pretended that I was worried it wouldn't hold me because I was too big, but deep down, I think I was truly scared. So, I went back to Granny's and couldn't get the thought of it out of my head all night.

The next morning, I announced that we had to go back over before we headed back to Texas so I could do it. Hope, of course, was ecstatic (whether for the fact I was doing it or it meant she got another chance, I don't know). When I got there, I climbed to the top and couldn't do it. I kept looking down and thinking that if I fell, I would break something and we couldn't afford to have me down right now with another broken collarbone and on and on. So, I climbed down and had Brian pull me halfway up and let me go. After enjoying that and realizing I really could hang on without slipping, I decided to do it for real. The next time, when I got to the top, it took me 5 minutes to jump off the ladder--Brian had to talk me through it several times and I had to shut out the images of me in a body cast. BUT, I DID IT!!!!

There's not a lot that I do that I am proud of, but this is one of those things that made me reach high and dig deep--all at the same time. And, once I did it, made me proud of myself.

I don't know if I'll go again, but I hope I will. I think I will still panic when I get to the top and look down, but hopefully, I'll remember how much fun the ride was and forget about the fear of the initial jump.

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Tonya said...

WAY to go, Angel!!! That's awesome. You SHOULD be proud of yourself.