Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Opposites Attract

Brian and I used to think we were alike. I'm not sure if we were just punch-drunk on love or what, but we are really quite different.

...He has a green thumb; mine is blacker than black
...He has no problem just sitting and watching a movie; I gotta have something to do with my hands
...He doesn't mind sweating; there are few worse feeling things to me than that of bead of sweat rolling down my shirt
...He snuggles up with the girls on the couch; I have my own chair
...He can make something yummy from strange ingredients in the pantry; I do the basics like spaghetti and tacos (with no improvising on the ingredients)
...He loves going barefoot; the closest my feet come to being free (outside the shower or bed) is flip-flops and house shoes
...He is easy-going; I'm serious
...He excels at sports; I was the “most improved” player
...He's an impulse buyer; I agonize over a decision to buy a big item
...He's spontaneous; I'm a planner
...He's "go with the flow;” I’m intentional
...He's laid-back; I'm driven
...He throws things away; I hoard
...He loves to fish; I bring bad luck every time I go
...He likes to try new foods; I want my basic meat and potatoes (which has been replaced by meat and salad these days)
…He hates to read; there’s not much more bliss to me than immersing myself into a book
...His reality TV consists of Swamp People & Man vs. Wild; Mine is Cupcake Wars and Next Food Network Star
...He likes to play; I like to win
...He is one of the physically strongest men I know; I'm so weak it's beyond pitiful
...He likes things put away in cabinets; I like it all out on the counter where I can see it

And the biggest difference of all...He squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom and I squeeze it from the middle.

I guess opposites really do attract, huh?

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Barb said...

hahaha! I LOVE that list, esp the last one. :)