Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation 2011

Our vacation this summer was a short one. We went to a family reunion in Gruene and took an extra day to see the sights in San Antonio. Here are some of the things I'll remember from our trip:

Traffic in Austin
Dinner in Buda
Quick run-through at Cabelas
Warm cookies at check-in
Swimming at night
Hope's favorite smelling soap
Sleep Number beds
The Alamo (and the cheesy photo I bought)
Bad Mexican food on the Riverwalk
Finding a hat for me
Mexican market
Hope's purse
Searching for Caroline's souvenir and buying her name (something we could buy at a mall at home)
Mom, spell pig backwards
Low fuel
Blinker dinging
Gruene Homestead Inn
Dinner at Rudy's
Swimming at night...again
Catching a frog
One bathroom for 6 people
Making fast friends with cousins the girls had never met before
Hearing Hope tell Aunt Brenda that her mom only cooks macaroni and things out of cans
The self-checkout lane at Wal-Mart at 8am
The Rockin R forgetting 2 toobs and offering our 11 year old cousin a "boobs and toobs" t-shirt to make it better
Floating the river
Double toobs
Jonah in his own toob
Caroline has a fish in her shoe--oh wait, it's just water
Lunch on the deck of Pats Place (where Brian had his 1st order of onion rings)
Family picture--complete with tiaras
Loud dinner at Clear Springs Restaurant (where Brian had his 2nd order of onion rings)
Sweet Landry and her cute bows
More swimming at night
Musical Beds
Outlet mall and boots for Brian
Lunch at Centerpoint Station (where Brian had his 3rd order of onion rings)
Caroline tooting and burping every time we got in the car--or was it Brian?
Stopping at Auntie Bren's
Seeing the peacock
Ick Donalds for dinner in the 'boro

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