Thursday, July 7, 2011


It’s official. I am truly the mom of a tweener. I really thought I was going to get off the hook with this one until Caroline was older, but something has recently possessed my oldest daughter.

Before our 5 hour (which I knew would end up being 6+ hours with 2 girls in the car) car ride last week, I had to run to the store for sunscreen and Hope wanted to come with. First of all, this never happens—she usually abhors shopping (yep, had to pull out the more descriptive word there because hate wasn’t strong enough). Especially grocery shopping (not that it’s my favorite thing to do, either, but this family thinks they need to eat occasionally).

So, as we’re walking through the store, I somehow ended up on the magazine aisle and Hope wanted a suduku book. Not sure she even knows how to do those, but she insisted she did, so I let her look. After picking up several suduku books, she put each one back, moved down the aisle and grabbed a “BOP” magazine.

Let me back-track a bit. First of all, I’m so old, I remember when “BOP” was called “Teen BOP.” Second of all, how do you go from something that stimulates your brain to mushy crud in the matter or 2 minutes? Okay, back to the story.

She immediately started begging and explaining that it was the same price as the suduku book she was looking at and it would keep her occupied the whole time—she promised. So, I did what any tired, ready to get out of the store mom would do and I caved (I mean, she promised--everyone knows how much that phrase meens to a 9 year old!). Yep, I can’t blame this on her friends—her own mom bought her first teen-crush magazine.

I have to admit, it did keep her entertained the whole way. It also made her realize she really DID like Justin Bieber (I think the fact that her 13 year old cousin is “in love” with him also helped). The dilemma now is that the pull-out poster (remember those???) had Justin on one side and some Cody-guy (again, showing my age year when I asked her if it was Cody from Zach and Cody)on the other—and she loves them both. This means that she carries the poster around instead of tacking it to her wall (Yes, this IS the same girl who chose to go duck-hunting over the Daddy/Daughter dance).

Brian’s always said that he was buying a hunting lease and moving into his own shack once the teen years hit our house and I’ve always told him, I’m a-gonna join him or find some peaceful commune somewhere.

The scent of teen drama is getting stronger at the Royal house…guess we better start looking for some land.

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Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

Oh boy - and just when Morganne says she will NEVER like Justin Bieber, she starts singing a song of his in th back of the car.

Hang on - we are in for a bumpy ride!