Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Big Day

Everyone has a day they anticipate—one they look forward to. For some kids, it’s the 1st day of school, for others, it’s the last. For a bride, it’s her wedding day. For a salesperson, it’s the day the commission check comes in. For a football player, it’s game day.

For me, this year, it’s kick-off Sunday. I’ve been excited before. I’ve been really nervous before. This day comes every year. It’s the day when we officially start the new fall year. The day we graduate kiddos and unleash new volunteers. The day when we welcome back seasoned volunteers and get to see the refreshed and excited looks in their eyes from having the summer off. The day we get to see if all the planning that has taken place over the past several months really works.

It’s the day we get a “do-over.” When all things are new and the slate is clean.

And it’s exciting. And a bit scary.

But I can’t wait. I find myself almost giddy when I think about it—you know that feeling that takes over your body and makes you want to just do a little dance? I’m praying it doesn’t overcome me in a public place--that might be a little embarrassing.

Excited, thrilled, happy—all adjectives I’ve used to describe my feelings over the past week. All inadequate.

I can hardly stand it! And it begins in less than 24 hours…

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Barb said...

and it went so smoothly! no lines out the rainforest. :)