Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love Survivor. Seriously, I L-O-V-E this show. It’s silly. And I would never go on it. But I tune in almost every season to watch. I’ve missed a few, but those are the years we don’t talk about.

We have a rule at our house that we don’t turn on the TV on school nights. Actually, that’s what Brian says the rule is, but the rule is really that we don’t turn on the TV until the girls are in bed. Then he proceeds to watch all the shows that make me crazy and I wait til he goes to bed and then I watch all the shows that would make him crazy. I digress…

I’m breaking that rule tonight. I have it recorded. And I will watch it again with Brian when he gets home later. But I’ve turned on the TV and will watch it with the girls on a school night. And they’re almost as excited as me.

It’s really not a show that is uplifting or one that I should probably let my girls watch. People cuss. They walk around in their underwear. And they are often mean. But then again, most of that happens in real life, too. I’m not justifying it. And I wouldn’t let them watch it if I wasn’t in the room. But I am the bad mom who allows her kids to watch it.

But it also brings up some great conversations between the girls and me. Tonight’s was the fact that you can’t always judge people on their looks. Being pretty doesn’t make everything ok. Another lesson I hope they get from it is the value of teamwork and cheering each other on. The team that usually fails is the one where everyone turns on each other (but not always).

Brian could so make it on the survival part of Survivor—that man could build a shelter, start a fire and catch his dinner all in the first day on his own; but he’d be the first one voted out because he’s too nice. I would fail at the first challenge where I had to run and climb and crawl and dig; but if I could keep up in the challenges, I think I could make it to the merge before I got my torch snuffed. My mouth would get me in trouble and I would refuse to put up with cocky people (and there’s always a couple of those who make it to the end).

Yes, there are so many better things I could do with my time. But for now, Wednesday nights will be spent watching Survivor.

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