Monday, September 5, 2011

Taking It for Granted

I wish Blogger had smell-a-blog. I would add the incredible smell outside to this post. Caroline said it best when she remarked, “It smells like snow.” That was my first thought, too, this morning when I went outside.

Although I wouldn’t ever put anything past Texas weather, snow is a long way off, but a 67 degree morning after months of triple digit temps is sooo appreciated and welcomed.

I'm famous for taking things for granted and not appreciating what I have. As I was sweating at a soccer game a few weeks ago and complaining about how hot it was, I remembered wearing layers of clothes and being wrapped up in a blanket at a game in February, complaining about how cold and miserable it was. Maybe that’s God’s way of telling me my girls need to just do indoor sports, or MAYBE, it was His gentle reminder to enjoy the moment and not always look ahead or behind.

It’s certainly easy to do that today, when the weather is gorgeous and I have a whole day ahead of me in which I plan to stay in my jammies. So, maybe I’ll practice today.

And pray for Him to remind me on those days when it seems much harder to live in the moment.

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