Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sleeping Naked

One of my children has decided recently that she wants to sleep naked. Naked at our house, is defined as only wearing your underwear. I won’t call her out and name names, but I didn’t just write a blog post about her before this one.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do, so I’ve just ignored it. That’s great parenting there, folks! Seriously, it’s not harming anyone, but it’s just kinda weird to me. She used to go to bed in jammies and by the time I went in to check on her before I went to sleep, she had shed them and was laying there snuggled up under her covers.

She’s not hot—her room is the smallest in the house and between the air conditioner and her ceiling fan, it’s usually the coolest. And she’s not a hot-blooded child, unlike her sister.

But it bugs me. I know, I know—I really need to get a life if I’m staying up worrying about what my daughter wears to bed. There are so many real things I could worry about, but instead, this plagues me constantly.

Sometimes parenting isn’t hard, it’s just weird. What kinds of weird things do your kids do that bug you?


tessica said...

Her clothes maybe bugging her at night! If she is a tosser and turner, clothes can get tangled and wake her up. she is probably just more comfortable this way. Try getting some form fitting tanks and shorts. The shorts need to be mid thigh and above. And if it is cold do the same with like leggings and long sleeve t-shirts. But they have to be tight to where they wont move from her body.

April said...

I just hope there's not a fire!

Angel said...

I know, April--I have thought that same thing! If we DO have a fire, hopefully she'll think to at least grab her robe. Tess--they aren't bothering her--she's just going through a phase. She had a t-shirt on tonight--of course, I had to point out to her tht it was backwards--you'd think the tag would bother her, but nope!

Barb said...

Noah used to pull the knot out of his belly button and twist it when he was a toddler. When I started putting him in jumpers to make him quit, he learned to stick his hand in through the neck line and play with his nipple instead. :) He'd walk around sucking his left thumb and at the same time rub his right finger over his left nipple. Yup, we never had to get up in the middle of the night to get his lovie. :) Fortunately, that all went away on it's own b/4 he started kindergarten, but I do have a scrapbook layout of it!