Wednesday, November 9, 2011


…Except for a live version at work, I have never played Angry Birds
…I don’t usually know the words to songs, so I sing the one line I know over and over again
…I sometimes peek through the crack of the door when my hubby is getting into the shower
…I argue more with my kids than I build them up
…I always leave extra brownie batter in the bowl so I can eat it
…I have lots of games on my phone that I’ve downloaded for my girls, but they never get to play because I’m too busy playing them
…I tore a tag off a pillow yesterday
…My girls know most of the words to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”
…I often wear dirty jeans
…I wish our frog would go ahead and die already
…My 9 year old has a better fashion sense than me
…As much as I say I don’t, I secretly like making lunches for Brian and the girls
…I wish my phone rang more often than it does with people just wanting to chat
…I would like to be “carded” again
…The thought of my daughters dating sends me into an anxiety attack
…I REALLY like to win
…I don’t tell the people I love that I love them as much as I should
…I would eat a smore every night if I could
…Just the thought of a mango martini makes me giddy
…I wonder if my 24 blog followers get bored by my posts
…I get in my jammies as soon as I come home from work most nights (even if it’s at 4pm)

1 comment:

Barb said...

...LOVE your list. esp the one about peek through the door! :)
...No, this follower anyway is NOT bored.'s time for martinis. I know it is.